Historic St. Anthony Catholic Church
258 Ohio, Wichita, Ks
2nd St. & Ohio
Two blocks east of Old Town
Sunday Mass at 1:oo
English/Latin missals provided. Join us for coffee and donuts after mass downstairs in the St. Clair/Sunshine room, south exterior basement entrance.
Pastor of St. Anthony Parish: Fr. Ben Nguyen
EFLR Celebrants: Fr. John Jirak, Fr Nicholas Voelker
Master of Ceremonies: Tony Strunk
Choir Director: Bernie Dette

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Fr. Nicholas Voelker celebrates Low Mass Saturdays at 8:00 a.m., St. Mary's Catholic Church, 106 East 8th street, Newton. There is no mass this Saturday, January 30, 2016.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

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Topics:  A New Beginning for Venite Missa Est!: Start anew!...July 14th: Feast of St. Bonaventure...St. Mary Parish: Low Mass Scheduled


The Necessaries.
I am a member of the Latin Mass Community of St. Anthony Parish in Wichita, Ks. While this blog may at times comment on, or allude to, the community and parish, Venite Missa Est! is by no means, in any way an official voice of any particular parish or the Diocese of Wichita. Venite Missa Est! is strictly a private layman's endeavor.


A New Beginning for Venite Missa Est!
With the establishment of the Wichita Latin Mass Community as a canonically recognized entity (not a parish) in the Diocese of Wichita (Deo Gratias!) complete with Council and official bulletin/newsletter/email I thought it best that Venite Missa Est! divorce itself from any perceived St. Anthony officiality.  I quit blogging to put some space between the blog and the community lest anyone think we were connected.

This blog was originally intended to unite those of us who felt scattered around the diocese and who, perhaps, never met outside of mass on a social level. The original intent was to have everyone submit articles, pictures, prayers as a sort of communal digital gathering. It really never did work that way though many people did contribute.

Now that we are maturing and progressing  as a community I wanted to continue, on my own, to be a solo voice for those who seek information on the liturgy, news, mass times, the calendar and perhaps some stories from readers, pictures. A new beginning! I have missed blogging and feel enough time has past to start anew. Feel free to contribute if you wish. This is a fun blog not to be taken seriously at all!

If you receive this blog as an email and don't want to receive further, email me at bumpy187@gmail.com and I will remove you or, there may be an unsubscribe link in the email.

Remember, this is my blog...not to be confused with any authority or official relationship.

God bless,

Feast Day of St. Bonaventure
July 14th, 3rd. class
American Catholic

Bonaventure, Franciscan, theologian, doctor of the Church, was both learned and holy. Because of the spirit that filled him and his writings, he was at first called the Devout Doctor; but in more recent centuries he has been known as the Seraphic Doctor after the “Seraphic Father” Francis because of the truly Franciscan spirit he possessed.

Born in Bagnoregio, a town in central Italy, he was cured of a serious illness as a boy through the prayers of Francis of Assisi. Later, he studied the liberal arts in Paris. Inspired by Francis and the example of the friars, especially of his master in theology, Alexander of Hales, he entered the Franciscan Order, and became in turn a teacher of theology in the university. Chosen as minister general of the Order in 1257, he was God’s instrument in bringing it back to a deeper love of the way of St. Francis, both through the life of Francis which he wrote at the behest of the brothers and through other works which defended the Order or explained its ideals and way of life.

St. Bonaventure Catholic Community
Bloomington, MN 55420-3801

Born north of Rome in the year 1217, the one we know as Bonaventure was baptized Giovanni de Fidanza. Tradition tells us that he received the name Bonaventure (bona - "good", venture - "event") when as a child he was cured of a life threatening illness through the prayers of St. Francis of Assisi. Bonaventure entered the Franciscan Order in 1243. His precocious talent was immediately apparent, and he began to teach publicly in the Franciscan school at the University of Paris in 1248. Bonaventure's academic tenure was brief, for in 1257 he was elected Minister General of an increasingly divided Franciscan Order.

Bonaventure, like St. Francis, had a love of nature and went on to say that it is through created things that God speaks to us and gives us a glimpse of himself. Bonaventure writes:

"Just as you see that a ray of light entering through a stained glass window is colored in different ways according to the different colors of the various parts, so the divine rays shine forth in every creature in different ways and in different properties."
"Creatures are shadows, echoes and pictures of that first most perfect Principle.... They are vestiges, representations, spectacles proposed to us and signs divinely given so that we can see God."

Bonaventure's world is a world infused with the presence of God. Bonaventure's world is also infused with the presence of Christ, in whom we see most clearly our God present in the world.

Bonaventure was canonized a saint in 1482 by Pope Sixtus IV who wrote at that time, "Bonaventure was great in learning, but no less great in humility and holiness. His innocence and dove-like simplicity were such that Alexander of Hales, the renown doctor whose disciple Saint Bonaventure became, used to say that it seemed as though Adam had never sinned in him." In 1588 Bonaventure was declared a Doctor of the Universal Church with title "Doctor Seraphicus" or "Angelic Teacher". It is supposed that he was given this title because of his great depth of insight into spiritual things which he left as his legacy.

Today St. Bonaventure is depicted in statues and drawings with a Cardinal's hat and the bishop's crosier (shepherd's staff), and sometimes a crucifix. He was made a bishop and cardinal one year before his death in 1274, though he is best remembered as a spiritual teacher. His feast day is July 15th. 


St. Mary Parish: Low Mass Scheduled

With the installment of Fr. Nicholas Voelker to St. Mary Parish, Newton, it was just a matter of time before Saturday Low Mass would come around. Father has scheduled his first public Traditional Latin Low Mass for Saturday August 15th. This is the Feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Father has met with enthusiasm on the re-introduction of the traditional Mass at St. Mary.

St. Mary Catholic church can be found at 106 E 8th St, Newton, the corner of Main and 8th streets. From Wichita take I-135 North, travel past the Hutchinson exit (south end of town) to the east side of Newton, exit 1st and Broadway streets. Take 1st street west to Main, turn right (north) to 8th street.

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