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Pastor of St. Anthony Parish: Fr. Ben Nguyen
EFLR Celebrants: Fr. John Jirak, Fr Nicholas Voelker
Master of Ceremonies: Tony Strunk
Choir Director: Bernie Dette

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Post #182

Topics: Of Cassocks and Demons...Supremacy and Survival...Local Author Appears on Catholic Radio
  • Last Sunday I decided to save some gas and enjoy my drive from mass back to Newton by taking Broadway north (highway 81) all the way home. As I stopped at the light in front of the Cathedral, Broadway and Central, I noticed a family of four entering for mass. The dad had a faded black t-shirt, now grey, with shorts and flipflops and the children and mom were dressed in the same manner...all looking like they just rolled off the couch. I sighed and tried not to judge them, that is, until I turned the corner and noticed the people going into First Presbyterian Church just a stones throw from the Cathedral steps. What were our protestant brothers wearing? Suits, ties and dresses (insert heavy sigh).
  • Please remember that when a priest is learning the Traditional Mass he is under heavy, heavy strain. The Traditional Mass is so precise and labor intensive that to actually celebrate it requires real and focused work. But before you nitpick remember that he alone with his blessed consecrated hands in persona christi can consecrate bread and wine into the body and blood of our blessed Lord. Not the MC, not the servers, not the sacristan, not the choir and not the laity...none of all those assisting him. So please, give that priest a break if he makes a mistake or two.
  • I was tickled to see our illustrious organ player from St. Anthony on the local news participating in a spelling bee. You go!

Of Cassocks and Demons
Standing on My Head
 by Fr Longenecker 

The call came in through our parish answering service: "Err, I don't know if you can help with this one, but the person calling says they have demons in their house."

"Thanks. I'll give them a call." The person calling said there were disturbances in their house, and her husband was brought up a Catholic but hardly ever went, and his mother and sisters are all Wiccans. Not good. So I arranged to visit on Sunday after Mass.

I always wear my cassock on Sundays, so I still had on the full cassock, collar and cincture with my Benedictine scapular on top. I made my way to a modest home on the edge of town and knocked on the door. The wife was taken aback. "Wow! I haven't seen a Catholic priest like this forever!"

I asked some questions about the problems, explained the complexity of the supernatural and paranormal phenomena and said that usually a house blessing was all that was required to clear things up. Then I asked where they go to church. "Well, when we do go we attend DaySpring". That's one of the Protestant mega churches in town.

"And I'm not trying to pick a fight or anything. I'm just curious..." I asked, "But why did you call me instead of one of your pastors fro DaySpring?"

"We knew it was a Catholic priest who would know what to do about demons and all that stuff."

So I went and got the holy water and blessed them and their child and their home. The problems will probably clear up, and I'll follow it up with another visit and an invitation for them to join my Catholic basics class.

Who knows, but another lost sheep may come back to the fold, and maybe I should wear my cassock every day...(except it will be a bit of a nuisance on the motorcycle).


"Supremacy and Survival - How Catholics Endured the English"
Local Author Appears on Catholic Radio

I was delighted to hear local author and St. Anthony Traditional Mass attendee, Stephanie Mann, on Catholic radio a few weeks back. Good job Ms. Mann. The link to the interview with Stephanie is:

And here is how Al Kresta promoted the interview:

Stephanie Mann is the author of Supremacy and Survival - How Catholics Endured the English Reformation and has been a guest on the show in anticipation of the Pope's visit to the UK last year. Now she joins us in person here at the Catholic Marketing Network. She tells the story of the Catholic Church's survival and restoration in one land. It serves both as a lesson and a warning of the risks to faith and freedom when absolute power is given free reign.

Please visit her site and blog and buy her book!

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